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Contracted laboratory for Biomarkers

BIOANALYTICA GENOTYPE SA was established in December 2004 as a biotech startup aiming to provide specialised molecular cytogenetic research and application services to the biomedical Community.


Was funded by BIOANALYTICA SA, a leading stakeholder in the greek market for molecular diagnostics and laboratory infrastructure, and by the researcher Dr. Georgia Bardi, Associate Professor of Experimental Clinical Genetics at the Medical school of Lund University, Sweden and former Director of the Cytogenetics facility at Saint Savas Oncology hospital of Athens.


Is co-financed by the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology under the 3rd Community Support Program (03 Praxe 26).



November 2016: awareness month for lung cancer (World Health Organization)

November 2016: awareness month for lung cancer (World Health Organization)


The Bioanalytical-GenoTypos offers accredited services genetic analysis in accordance with the international standard ISO 15189.


Participates with excellent performance in European diergastiriaka quality control foreign networks for the documentation of the reliability of the results that gives doctors and patients.


Is affiliated with the REGULATIONS for the conduct of all biomarkers, genetic tests needed by clinicians for choice of the most appropriate treatment for each patient/kathenan.

The Bioanalytical-GenoTypos for lung cancer offers the following genetic tests.


Consult your health care professional and contact the laboratory for further information:

Gene amplification of the EGFR gene Rearrangements ALK (2p23)

ROS1 gene rearrangements (6q22)

Rearrangements of the RET gene (10q11)

Gene amplification of MET (7q31)

Mutations of the gene MET

Gene amplification of Her-2 neu (ERBB2)-amp (17) (q11)

BRAF V600E mutation in the gene/K, c. 1799T > A

Strengthening the FGFR1 gene Amplification (8p11)

Mutations in KRAS/NRAS KAI BRAF genes

BioAnalytica-Genotype SA serves the healthcare market by offering Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics tests, designed to answer questions related to diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection for hematologic and solid tumor cancers.