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Contracted laboratory for Biomarkers

BIOANALYTICA GENOTYPE SA was established in December 2004 as a biotech startup aiming to provide specialised molecular cytogenetic research and application services to the biomedical Community.


Was funded by BIOANALYTICA SA, a leading stakeholder in the greek market for molecular diagnostics and laboratory infrastructure, and by the researcher Dr. Georgia Bardi, Associate Professor of Experimental Clinical Genetics at the Medical school of Lund University, Sweden and former Director of the Cytogenetics facility at Saint Savas Oncology hospital of Athens.


Is co-financed by the Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology under the 3rd Community Support Program (03 Praxe 26).



Συνοδευτικά έγγραφα

Συνοδευτικά έγγραφα

The Bioanalytical-GenoTypos not related to companies or laboratories that promote genetic analyses by telephone or by the Internet.


Genetic analyses are performed only by direct communication with the treating physician of each patient.


The samples submitted for analysis always include referral note from the treating physician for the specific analysis requested in each case.

Important documentation for handling of samples


-General information about the handling of samples

-Referral samples Hematology-Oncology

-Consent form DNA examination

Cytology samples

BioAnalytica-Genotype SA serves the healthcare market by offering Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics tests, designed to answer questions related to diagnosis, prognosis and therapy selection for hematologic and solid tumor cancers.